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Welcome to J Alexander Realty Group

J Alexander Realty Group specializes in the acquisition of commercial real estate properties for the purpose of generating immediate income to its investors. We are committed to acquiring assets that provide a stream of income while maximizing the growth and value of each property. J Alexander looks for opportunities to acquire assets when the market is down or distressed, while creating a disposition strategy that allows us to sell the property at or near the top of the market.

Our conservative investment strategy is principally focused on multi-family (1) Class “A” (2) Class “B” (3) Class “C” (distressed). J Alexander’s current strategy is centered on creating “sell side” liquidity where it currently does not exist by structuring transactions using a combination of equity and debt (when appropriate).

The J Alexander real estate team has a combined 130 man-years and over $5 Billion of transactional experience in commercial real estate. Using this experience, J Alexander is seeking to become one of the largest acquirers of commercial real estate in the Mid South Region of the country.


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