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Sales Tax Revenue Up 119% in Cockrell Hill

February 19, 2009 – Dallas, Texas. While sales tax revenue is down in other areas of the state, Cockrell Hill, Texas has seen an astounding 119% increase. The increase is being attributed to the liquor referendum that was passed in 2007.

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"While retail in a number of areas of the country has fallen considerably, there are some areas where it is still growing. Cockrell Hill, Texas (South Dallas) is one of those areas that is enjoying tremendous success even in the face of difficult times. A great deal of the credit should go to Don Silverman of Margaux Realty who is the architect of the liquor referendum and the developer of the Plaza Del Oro retail center. We expect our investment in Plaza Del Oro to provide our investors with returns in the 23% Annualized IRR range due in no small part to Don and his development group.”

-A. Christopher Slauer – Managing General Partner, J Alexander Realty Group, Ltd.

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