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Investment Philosophy

The professionals at J Alexander believe in a "conservative" investment philosophy. The investment team believes that you can achieve returns while managing your downside risk. Through a careful screening and due diligence process we can uncover only those opportunities that fit our conservative criteria and investment style.

J Alexander’s main focus is to act as the sponsor and/or developer for properties we wish to acquire or develop. Through our network of brokers, investment bankers and other real estate professionals, we are able to uncover and acquire properties on behalf of our investors.

We also believe that while careful screening and structuring of a transaction can be of great benefit to a successful outcome, it is the "exit strategy" that ultimately defines our investor’s success. Our philosophy is to align ourselves with our investors in terms of the "exit expectation" which can encompass not only the time frame but the price we are both willing to accept for a given piece of real estate.

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